Mentoring Kings


Mentoring Kings showcases the narrative of black men as they are known in their communities. They are brilliant, emotionally intelligent, generous, kind and compassionate leaders and role models. This show is the voice of mentors, programs and organizations that truly portray a positive image of the black man.

The concept of Mentoring Kings is the brain child of the late Central City Productions Vice Chairman Dr. Rosemary R. Jackson.

The overall mission of Mentoring Kings is to bring awareness to black men who are mentors, creating opportunities and making an impact on the lives of young black boys and men across the country. By featuring these in-depth stories of Black Male mentors,(with sizable results in mentoring), the goal is to ultimately encourage our black youth to make positive contributions to their community and lead successful lives.

Hill Harper
Chris Broussard

This special celebrates mentoring initiatives and activities of Black male celebrities, business entrepreneurs, educators, political and community leaders; exploring how these men have become Mentoring Kings. Seeking to discover a solution, we reveal men who have successfully built their careers from the ground up and have reached back to bring the youth along. This program tells in-depth stories of Black men who have played a major role (with sizable results in mentoring), that ultimately leads our Black youth to making positive contributions in their community